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All the 'talk' about CaseWare

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've helped a number of people with their CaseWare problems.

FAQ # 1

Can anyone tell me where I can find a CaseWare manual?

I have been looking everywhere for a CaseWare manual- any suggestions?

Steve Smith

Our Answer:

The manual is now installed with CaseWare and is a .pdf file, viewed by using Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It is found by clicking Start, Programs, CaseWare Applications, CaseWare Working Papers 2000 Documentation.  The manual is broken up into 3 parts- the Getting Started Guide, the CaseWare Guide and the CaseView Guide.  

FAQ # 2

Does anyone have any problems getting CaseView to undo a skip condition?

For example, having flagged a paragraph on a set of financial statements to "skip section always" when I remove the condition, it still skips, and the section still has the brackets around it. The skip conditions are still there, they will not go away no matter what you do.

Ross Craig

Our Answer:

Ross, are you confusing Sections and Paragraphs within CaseView?

Paragraphs occur inside Sections - If the condition for skipping is turned on at the section level, all paragraphs will be skipped - even if the paragraph condition seems to say 'None' as its condition. To check the section condition in CaseView design mode, right click on a paragraph within a section and choose 'Section'. You will then be able to see a list of available sections (the highlighted section will appear red on the left of your screen).

You can then modify the section and see the skip conditions for that section. Is this the problem?

Michael Kerr and Dan Waterston, Weiler & Company

So how did it go?

You are right! I found that right clicking within the section (noted by a vertical line long or short at the left margin) and deleting the lines in the pop up window worked to remove the section. Then I highlighted the "paragraph" and modified the skip parameters and it worked.

Domenic Galati CGA

North York

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