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CaseWare and the GIFI


How does the GIFI affect Caseware

CaseWare has released a version that includes the GIFI codes in the database.   The user has the ability to select the code for each account in the Working Trial Balance.  When the mapping function is used, all accounts are automatically updated with the GIFI codes.


Using the Caseware mapping structure

CaseWare has provided the user with the ability to update their templates and existing client files with the new map numbers and the GIFI, as long as the old mapping structure was used.  

If a user has created their own mapping structure, they should select the GIFI codes for their mapping templates to ensure the same functionality.

If no mapping structure is used, the user will be required to enter the necessary GIFI codes for each individual file.


CaseView GIFI templates

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency templates for filing the GIFI have been included as CaseView documents, and include:

  • financial statements - for balance sheet, income statement, notes and notes checklist

  • opening balance sheet - for first year after incorporation

  • supplementary income statements - for multiple lines of business

These CaseView documents automatically extract the GIFI from the user's Working Trial Balance.  Users will also have the ability to override the amounts and codes, should they prove to be incorrect.


Exporting GIFI totals to tax software

Users are able to export the GIFI, including any CaseView generated notes to the financial statements, into an ASCII text file, which may then be used by any certified Canadian tax preparation software package for printing or Corporate EFILIING of the GIFI.  To find out if the software you currently use supports this, please contact Dan Waterston.


Applications that can import CaseWare's GIFI totals

The following tax packages are able to import CaseWare's GIFI export file: 

  • TaxPrep
  • TaxByte
  • Greenpoint ProFile
  • DT Max
  • Cantax

For any packages not listed above, please contact Dan Waterston


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