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Tech Notes - CaseWare Archives

Rolling Forward Non-CaseWare Files

One of the neat tools in CaseWare is the ability to link an item on your document manager to an external program and open a specific "non-CaseWare" file from directly in CaseWare (such as an Excel spreadsheet).

The way we set this up is as follows:

  1. We map a drive letter on our server (eg - W:) and set up our client directories

  2. Within each client folder we have setup a CaseWare folder.

  3. These folders contain separate folders for each year end prepared for the client (eg- Dec 31 99, Dec 31 00)

  4. Also, within the CaseWare folder, but NOT within the year end folder, we keep the "non-CaseWare" files. This includes our Capital Asset schedule, and any related Word documents.

This allows the links to be assigned in CaseWare and remain linked to the same file each year. You can therefore retain a history of financial information- eg. for a five year comparative in an excel spreadsheet.

Also, the file is not compressed along with the year end CaseWare file, saving you time if you want to have a look without uncompressing the entire folder.

If you do want a new file created each year, eg- a new Word document, place the file within the year end folder and a new one will be created when you roll the file forward.


Copying data to another application

Using CaseWare, it is easy to move information from Working Papers to a word processing or spreadsheet document.

  1. Within the CaseWare document, select the information to copy.

  2. Click the Copy icon or select Edit, Copy.

  3. Switch to the other application and place the cursor wherever you want to insert the information.

  4. Click the Paste icon in that application, or select Edit, Paste. The information from the Working Papers document will be pasted into the application you have chosen.

Similarly, you can copy information from a table in the Working Trial Balance to a spreadsheet or word processor. Just remember to click and hold on a column's heading to select it.


Working Trial Balance- copying sortable columns

Having trouble copying your working trial balance? Is the column sorted every time you click on a column head?

To select and copy a sortable column in the Working Trial Balance or Mapping screen, click and hold down the mouse button on the column head. After a few seconds, the column will be highlighted.

To select multiple columns of this sort, click and hold till one is selected and then drag across to include the others.


Drag and drop documents

Did you know you can drag and drop documents from your Window's Explorer right into your CaseWare document manager?

For example, try dropping an Insurance letter created in Word that you send to the client every year into CaseWare- it will be be recreated when you roll the file forward, and compressed along with your CaseWare file.


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