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Tech Notes - CaseWare

Copying Templates

Copying information from another client file or template to the current file is easy.

  1. On the File menu, click Copy Template.
  2. Under Copy From, type the path and name of the client file to copy or click Browse to locate it manually.
  3. Under Copy To, type the path and name of the file to which you are copying or click Browse to locate it.
  4. Under Copy, select Some Components. If, instead, you want to copy all the components from one file to another, select All Components and skip to step 6.
  5. Select the information you want to copy. You can define copying rules for items with a Select button to their right. Please see the Working Papers help system for further details about importing these items.
  6. Items having no Select button to their right will be replaced in their entirety when selected.
  7. If applicable, select clearing options under Clear to exclude information from the copy process.
Click OK to copy the information.


File Maintenance

Default Paths- to enter the default program settings, such as file paths, Select Tools - Options and click the General Tab.

Note that the other tabs pertain to settings for your Working Papers file as well.


Exporting to Other Packages

Did you know that it is simple to move information from Working Papers to a word processing or spreadsheet document?

  1. In any CaseWare automatic document, select the information to copy.
  2. Click the Copy icon or select Edit 4 Copy.
  3. Toggle to the spreadsheet or word processor and hold down CTRL+END to move the cursor to the end of the document.
  4. Click the Paste icon in that application (or use Edit 4 Paste). The information from the automatic document will be pasted into the application you have chosen.
Similarly, you can copy information from a table in the Working Trial Balance to a spreadsheet or word processor.

Just remember to click and hold on a column's heading to select it. Once selected, continue to drag across the other columns to be included in the copy


Incorrect Date Format

My date cells which read "December 31, 1998" in a previous version now read "Tuesday, December 31, 1998". How can I fix this?

There are two approaches:

  1. Click the Start button for Windows 95 or Windows 98.
    1. Select Settings and select Control Panel.
    2. Select Regional Settings and then click the Date tab.
Select the appropriate short and long dates formats
  1. Double-click the cell with the date.
    1. Change the cell type from Alphanumeric to Date.
    2. Click the Date tab.
    3. Select the Long date format radio button.
    4. Clear the Use Regional Settings check box.
Select the applicable date format from the popup list.


Changing the Measurement Units

When determining page size and margins, I'm used to using centimeters rather than inches. How can I change the CaseView measurement units from imperial to metric?

The measurement units can be changed under Tools/Options/Application on the pull down menu. Select the Miscellaneous tab and choose your desired measurement unit. Note that you must be in the Design Mode to access this feature.


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