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Tech Notes - CaseView:Printing & Viewing

Page Orientation

After changing the orientation of a page in CaseView from portrait to landscape the header or footer is not centered. How can you align the header or footer after you change a page from portrait to landscape?

The header or footer retains the settings of the first page layout it was attached to. In order to have a header or footer align properly for the new page orientation, you must create a new header or footer and attach it to that page.


Sending statements to clients without CaseView

I would like to send an electronic copy of a client's financials to them. They don't use CaseWare. What do you suggest?

You can print either to a file using a Generic printer or to a PDF file.

Printing to a generic printer creates an ASCII text file. All formatting of the CaseView document is lost as are any images contained in the document.

Printing to a PDF file is the most reliable and efficient way to share information electronically. A PDF file is a true copy of the CaseView document showing all the formatting and images. To print to a PDF you will need Adobe's Acrobat.


Display only

How can I put instructions for the user in my CaseView document without them printing?

In CaseView, instructional paragraphs and selection boxes are sometimes required, however you may not want to print these paragraphs or cells.

By selecting a display only paragraph or cell property these items will show up in form mode, but will not print.


Information not printing

When I'm in CaseView, some information does not print. Why?

Skip conditions may have been set on the cells, paragraphs, or sections that are not printing. Check each area that is not printing and remove any skip conditions that have been set. Please see FAQ #2 for further help.


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