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Tech Notes - CaseView:Formatting

Creating Line Styles

How can I insert a horizontal line into a CaseView document?

You can use the Line Style command to create horizontal lines of any thickness that extend from margin to margin, indent to indent, or that have a fixed width.

To insert a horizontal line:

  1. Position the insertion point where you want to insert the line.
  2. From the Insert menu, select Line Style.
Edit and adjust the appearance of the 'Line' in the "Line Style" dialog box.

TIPTo delete a horizontal line created using the Line Style command, position the insertion point to the left of the line and then press the Delete key.

NOTEThe horizontal line effect can also be achieved by creating boxes (Format/Section/Boxes) or by using paragraph borders and shading (Format/Paragraph/Borders & Shading). Please refer to the CaseView Help for further information on these features.


Troubleshooting Page Breaks

A page break is being ignored when printing the document even though it is visible in the Design Mode.

Page breaks are attached to the first line of the page on which they appear. If the first line of a page skips, so does the page break that precedes it. To remove the skipping criteria, position the insertion point on the first line of the page and from the Format menu, select Paragraph. Remove any information in the Skip Print and Skip Condition boxes. If the page break is still ignored, it is possible that section formatting is applied to the line. To remove section formatting, from the Format menu, select Section.


Copying Sections Checklist

When you have copied a section of text or cells, be sure to do the following:

  1. Resize the section of the spot where you are pasting the duplicated text, so that you don't have skip conditions applied that pertain to a different section.
  2. Renumber the duplicate cells.
  3. Change the note number cross-referenceidentifier.
  4. Check any skip print/hide conditions and any section skip conditions to be sure they are properly referenced.
  5. Change the sum group.
  6. Change the calculations within the cells to the proper reference.


Creating multi-year financial statements

How can I create a five-year comparative balance sheet within the financial statements?

  1. Create a basic Balance Sheet or copy an existing one into a new document.
  2. Use Format/Cell Groups to create cell groups for the current and prior years. Then create cell groups for prior years 2, 3 and 4 based on the first prior year.
  3. Create group tabs for each year; double-click on each tab, and assign each to a cell group.
  4. Link each cell of the current year's column and the prior year's column to CaseWare by the map number of the leadsheet or by account number. Remember that in the formulas, "AY" stands for the current year and "PY" stands for the first prior year.
  5. Create sum groups and calculations for balance sheet totals for the current year and the prior year.
  6. Copy and paste the prior year column to create prior years 2,3 and 4
  7. For each of prior years select the column of cells and renumber by constant shift.
  8. Change the cell group names, formulas and the sum group names to reflect each year.

For example, for prior year 2 cells, change each occurrence of "PY" to "PY2" and "prior" to "prior2"


One and two column reports

I have formatted my CaseView financial statements in two columns with Assets on the left and Liabilities and Equity on the right. I want to include a note that spreads across the two columns. How do I set this up?

You can use the header or footer to do this. You may find that the note appears too close to the top or bottom of the page, depending on which you used. If the note is in a header, move it down on the page by increasing the top margin for the page. Similarly, a footer may be moved up by increasing the bottom page margin.


Error messages

While working in my financial statements in CaseView, I am constantly receiving error messages pertaining to rounding. How can I turn off this error checking?

Disable the rounding feature until the financial statements are completed by accessing Tools, Options, Rounding and then clearing the Apply Rounding check box.


Hiding lines and borders

My CaseView financial statements have several lines on the document. How can I remove those lines from the document without deleting the cells that are attached to the lines?

There are four methods of putting lines in CaseView documents so you need to find out how they were created.

To remove a:

  1. Cell Underline - double-click the cell and when the Edit Cell dialog appears, click the Formatting tab. Under the Underline section, select None.
  2. Text Underline - either click the U button or select Format, Font, Effects and deselect the Underline check box.
  3. Line Style - Move the cursor to the left end of the line and click the Delete button.
  4. Paragraph border Click on the paragraph with the border and then select Format, Paragraph. While in the paragraph dialog box select Borders & Shading then set the Top or Bottom borders to zero.


Paragraph Markers

What is a Style?

A Style is a group of font and paragraph formats that you create and assign a label (style name).

For example, a pre-formatted style Body Txt5-Sp Bef has-

Font formats: Times Roman, 11pt and

Paragraph formats: left alignment, flush with right margin, space before first line=0.14", no tabs or skips and Hide condition= "hide if condition is true".

Once a style is created, you can apply the entire group of formats in one step. First, select the text you want to format, then select the style name from the Style box.

Applying styles to documents saves time since it is a one-step procedure used to format several paragraphs. Because styles can be copied between CaseView documents and applied to any paragraph, you can maintain consistent formatting within and between your documents.


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