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Tech Notes - CaseView:General


Did you know that CaseView has the ability to print to Rich Text Format (RTF)? This allows users to open the CaseView document in Word or WordPerfect, or any other application that supports the RTF file type.


Auto save

How can I protect my CaseView documents from power surges that cause a loss of work?

Utilize CaseView's Auto Save feature to save documents periodically according to your settings. Documents that are saved automatically are saved with a special file name extension (.cv$). When re-opening CaseView after a power surge, CaseView gives you the option of opening the automatically saved document

To enable the Auto Save feature, from the Tools menu, select Options and then Application. Click the Enable Auto save check box and enter the hours and minutes in the boxes provided.


Client Profile Cells

If you are having trouble linking client profile information into your CaseView cells because you're not sure what the client profile linkage codes are, there is help. The linkage codes for the client profile information can be found in the CaseView online help system (press F1). When in the online help system, look up 'client profile' under the index tab. The same information can also be found in the CaseView User Manual.


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