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New Tips - CaseWare

Copying data from Working Papers

Did you know that you can copy information from Working Papers to a spreadsheet or word processing document?

  1. In any CaseWare automatic document, select the information to copy.
  2. Click the Copy icon, or select Edit > Copy.
  3. Switch to the other document and place your cursor where you want to insert the copied information.
  4. Click the Paste icon in that application, or select Edit > Paste. The information from the automatic document will be pasted into the application you have chosen.
You can also copy information from a table in the Working Trial Balance to a spreadsheet or word processor by using the same method.


Entering monthly budgets

How do you enter monthly budget balances in a client file?

In CaseWare:

  1. Set the Client Profile to monthly by clicking File > Client Profile.
  2. Click Account > Working Trial Balance.
  3. Under the Account tab, scroll through the Working Trial Balance and position the pointer in the Budget column.
  4. To access the Forecast/Budget Balance screen, double-click with the mouse.
  5. Enter the budget balances in the columns that correspond to the various months.

When entering budget periods, enter the difference between each month, not the ending or accumulated balance for each month.


Printing and Viewing

After purchasing a new printer, I am having problems printing CaseWare documents.

The first step is to make sure that you have the most recent print driver for your printer. Even for a newly purchased printer it is important to make sure the manufacturer has not already updated the print driver. Often, you can download the latest drivers from the printer suppliers' web sites. Please contact Dan Waterston for a list of good sources for the latest print drivers.


Opening all folders in the document manager

To open all the folders in the document manager:

  1. Position the selection bar on highest folder.
  2. To open all folders within the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW.

To close all folders:

  1. Position the selection bar on highest folder.
  2. To close all folders within the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW.


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